50: The Film

Today we wanted to share with you a documentary film production we produced. Back in 2011, we were hired to film Joseph and Chiyo’s wedding in Honolulu, Hawaii. Joseph was a very successful businessman that we were connected to by Jill of Easley Designs. At that time, we had no idea that this would be more than JUST a wedding we would be filming. Upon completing the shooting of their nuptials, Chiyo reached out to us to see if we would be interested in filming something just as special to them.

Because of that, we were invited to come along with them and capture Joseph’s 50th birthday party in Tuscany, Italy. Having just been there the year before for the first time, it was a complete shock and awe that the very next year I would be there again.

The Location

Firstly, the week was incredible. Additionally, it was 9 days, not just a week, so it was more than anyone could have imagined. Over the top dinners, wine tours, bicycle rides, and even hot air balloon rides were part of the agenda. Also, the finest wine you can ever imagine! Having a personal sommelier was part of the extravaganza.

We were fortunate over the course of a week and a half to get to know so many beautiful souls. Additionally, we were blown away by Ilo Ferreira and his band that serenaded us for several days. Speaking of blown away, we were able to visit many of the local towns. Some of those included Siena, San Gimignano, Florence, and more.

Of course, how could we forget to mention the food? Things such as a local butchery named Marco’s, an incredible pasta at a nameless ristorante, or just the breakfast at the villa, everything was first class.

Lastly, we hope that you see that beyond all the earthly possessions that J+C have, their most important treasure is their children. Joseph talks about that and about his beautiful wife in this film.

We hope you enjoy the beautiful imagery and storytelling! We are beyond grateful they chose us for their documentary film production of Joseph’s 50th birthday event.


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