In The Beginning

To begin, Insight Studios was founded in 2013 by Josh as a way to provide video production locally to Orange County as well as the entire Southern California region.

Originally, Josh began his career live streaming weddings from the beaches of Hawaii back in 2004 (pre YouTube). Subsequently, Josh founded Fisheye Studio as a wedding and event video production company focusing on all phases of film production. Even though Fisheye was located in Hawaii, clients would fly Josh and his crew in as far as Italy, Spain, Australia, Seattle, NYC and beyond for their signature brand of storytelling. Together with his talented team, they filmed over 500 weddings in 5 short years time.

However, Josh felt the burden to create original content that would allow for this passion of filmmaking to blossom. As a result, Insight Studios was founded to tell stories both unique and meaningful.

Insight Studios

Additionally,  upon filming over 250 weddings in only 4 years, Josh realized his desire to tell stories beyond weddings. So, it was time to be involved in stories that were personal and impactful. Furthermore, he founded Insight Studios in 2013 as a way to do just that.

Also, Josh and his team have been trusted to tell the stories for such legendary brands as Apple, Salesforce, Michelin, Queen’s Medical Group, and more. Furthermore, we offer video production that can be used for advertising on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube, TV.

So then, below are a few samples of the work we’ve been commissioned on.

Finally, feel free to reach out to see how we can capture the essence of your brand and journey. If you need video production and are in Orange County or anywhere else in the Southern California, we will work with you to see how we can tell your story.


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